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What is BookRoar?

BookRoar is here to help authors get more reviews for their books. Customer reviews don't only increase the reputation of an author, but they drive sales and make their book more likely to be returned on Amazon's search engines. Put simply, the more reviews a book has then the more copies it'll sell.

Sounds Interesting. So How Does It Work?

BookRoar operates on a fair-exchange credit system, which has been specifically designed to avoid all the messy stuff that comes with things like review swaps. Instead, we provide our members with secure, truthful, and honest book reviews.

Step 1: Create a FREE BookRoar account and tell us about your books.

Step 2: Select a book from the Review Pool and head over to Amazon to purchase it (or download it for free via Kindle Unlimited).

Step 3: Read the book and post a truthful and honest 150+ word review on Amazon and Goodreads within three weeks. Notify BookRoar when the reviews are ‘Live’ on both sites.

Step 4: Your review will be moderated by the author you are reviewing. Once they have checked your reviews are visible, a Credit will be awarded to your account, which you can move onto the book you want reviewed. It is now in the Review Pool. Time to sit back, have a coffee, and wait for your book to be selected!

Step 5: Repeat as often as you like. The more books you read the more reviews you'll earn.

We encourage all our readers to provide truthful and honest critiques of the books they read, and we ask that this is reflected in the star ratings they give. True feedback is the best way to allow us all to improve our books and hone our craft. It is what turns normal books into bestsellers!

(Want to know what to put in your reviews? Check out our Review Tips section for some ideas).